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Meet Meg

Meg Locke grew up in Virginia where she played soccer, volleyball and ran cross country.  She always traveled to visit family, spending time in New York and out west in Montana and Washington.  She attended Christopher Newport University where she got her degrees in Psychology & Communication Studies.  During her time in college, she was able to study abroad in Europe and began her goal of visiting all 50 states in her lifetime.  


Upon graduating from college, Meg moved to Texas to attend graduate school and got her degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Sport & Exercise Psychology.  She was already managing a winery at the time, and really found a passion for delivering exceptional customer service and managing day to day business. 


After a couple of years in the DFW area, she moved to Tyler with her husband where they own a Barbershop and she has become an avid traveler and runner, thoroughly enjoying the outdoors in her everyday life.  Shortly after the move, Meg landed her job with Apex, working as the Executive Assistant, and helps us manage our day-to-day business while being able to explore more in the outdoors.

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