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Meet Laurie

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Laurie Fontenot was born and raised in the Sportsman's Paradise of Louisiana, and to this day, enjoys all that it has to offer with her family.

After graduating from Louisiana State University in 2003 with a degree in Communications, Laurie spent 2 years in Georgia, but then moved to Florida to work with Costa Sunglasses. She focused on launching Costa's digital marketing program and spent her free time exploring, fishing and paddling throughout Florida.  

In 2009, Laurie and her family moved back home to Louisiana, where she started her own agency - Ninety-Two West.  She continued serving clients in the fishing, hunting, travel and general outdoors industries, such as Costa, Explorer Chick Adventure Co, BOTE Boards, Hunters for the Hungry Louisiana, Jose Wejebe Memorial Foundation, DEEP Apparel, and more.  Laurie's love and advocacy for the outdoors is shared with her husband and 2 children, as they enjoy camping, hunting, fishing and hiking trips in Louisiana and beyond.  

Laurie joined Apex in February 2021, covering Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama.