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Meet Alyssa


Alyssa Wise grew up in Chicago and attended Illinois State University. After graduating in 2010, she enrolled in Americorps State National program and spent the next few years volunteering with the Montana Conservation Corps. She served her first season as a Fuels Reduction Firefighter, partnering with Public Land Managers across the greater Yellowstone Ecosystem to address key challenges in fire prevention. She went on to become a Trail Crew Leader, teaching new volunteers how to build and maintain trails while living and working in a back country setting. 


Alyssa's time with Americorps convinced her that she belonged in the Outdoor Industry, but she put that goal on hold to build a resume in Sales and Marketing in Chicago. There she worked in Sports Marketing for Buffalo Wild Wings and Sales Management for Aimco Luxury Apartments, but none of it felt like home the way the Outdoor Industry had. 


So in 2015 she packed her bags and drove from Chicago to Austin where she worked for 3 years with Wolverine, the parent company of Merrell and Chaco footwear.  This was the break she'd been looking for to get back into the Outdoor Industry. The position allowed her to pursue her Outdoor passions, initiate and execute brand-centered events, and help find new ways for consumers to get Outside.


Alyssa thoroughly enjoyed her time at Wolverine but when Vanessa approached her to work in sales and service - with even more outdoor brands - she jumped at the opportunity. In her role at Apex Outdoor Sales, Alyssa works with apparel, gear, footwear and accessories that can make or break an Outdoors experience. 

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